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Giftast means “marry” in Icelandic.

Hi there!

My name is Katherine, and I run Giftast, making Wedding and Event Stationery, and Art Prints, in Batley, West Yorkshire. I specialise in creating beautiful bespoke wedding stationery for book lovers and romantics. My process is designed to be as stress-free as possible. 

After completing a degree in Illustration in 2009, I began a career combining event management, and managing the work lives and diaries of several extremely disorganised corporate leaders. My experience of running high-pressure events and diffusing stressful situations, combined with a love of creating beautiful, bespoke artwork led to the founding of Giftast.

Deluxe Card and Place Card – Click the image to see full range.

Having worked in the corporate environment for close to a decade, I provide a high-quality and trusted service to help couples and events coordinators.

Together we can take your events to the next level with bespoke finishing touches, designed to help take the stress out of wedding and event planning.

I started the company a year and a half ago after designing my own wedding stationery and taking our honeymoon in Iceland. As a result, several of our wedding stationery collections started life as paintings made on the back of postcards, created as we wound our way around the Route 1 Ring Road.

Giftast is a vegan business.

We only use printers with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, and who use plant-based inks. We have a 100% in house recycling policy, and offer a range of recycled paper and board options. 

Mansfield Park Kraft Paper Wedding Stationery Sample Pack
Mansfield Park Kraft Paper Wedding Stationery

What does Giftast do?

I create personalised Wedding and Event stationery, from Save The Dates to On-The-Day. We also offer complimentary services such as bespoke design, pet portrait commissions and gift prints.

I specialise in creating beautiful bespoke wedding stationery for book lovers and romantics, designed to make your wedding planning less stressful.

As a big fan of romantic novels, I like to take inspiration from characters and authors of my favourite books. 

Eloisa Range Wedding Stationery
The Eloisa range, inspired by Eloisa James.

Do you do bespoke?

I do! Check out the Bespoke page for more info or to get in touch.

Check out our FAQ page for more info, or contact us at