Becoming Jane – A Behind The Scenes Look at Creating a Wedding Stationery Range

It’s always nice to take a behind the scenes look at how things are made. I wanted to share with you a bit of the process behind how our Jane range was born. This was the first range I created, and as such is very close to my heart!


I always planned to create ranges inspired by romantic novels, and so Jane Austen was an obvious place to start! I wanted a delicate pattern, and I wanted something that reminded me of afternoon tea. 

I’ve always loved the willow pattern, and that classic blue and white design felt right for me. It also has the benefit of being easily alterable to any colour. I experimented with a few different ideas in a sketchbook, but it was the blue sprig design which I liked best.

behind the scenes creating a wedding stationery range

I really liked the versatility – I could repeat it relatively easily, to fit any shape or border. But I didn’t intend to just paint five or six different sprigs and then scan them in to the computer, and manipulate them into any pattern I wanted.

Painting – Behind the Scenes

The thing about wedding stationery is that it’s so special. It deserves extra care and attention. Perhaps given that my background is in illustration rather than design, I prefer the more long-winded effort! As you can see in the video below, it takes quite a while to carefully paint just two sprig motifs.

It’s very soothing, although it can give you hand cramp after a while! To create my range I painted four different, actual-sized borders, several shaped motifs and one full pattern page. 

The great thing about painting every motif and layout individually is the variations between colour in the leaves. It gives it a natural, flowing look which I really love. 

behind the scenes image of painted blue sprig pattern

Once my designs were complete, I then scanned them at a high quality, and matched them with an appropriate text to complete the design.

The Final Product

At Giftast, we offer all colour changes for free. We can do this without losing the flowing nature of the colour, because of how it’s created.

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What next?

If you’d like to chat about your wedding stationery options, you can contact me here, email me on info(at) to arrange a free consultation call. 

Looking for something extra special?

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Becoming Jane: A Behind The Scenes Look At Creating A Wedding Stationery Range