Birthday Back-Ups – Multipack of Floral Birthday Cards

floral Birthday cards multipack

End your work birthday woes with this multipack of floral birthday cards.

If you have a job, friends, family or general acquaintances, you’ll know that it’s almost always someone’s birthday. If you’re anything like me, you almost always forget to buy a card and either have to sneak your name below someone else’s heartfelt sentiment, or be the worst friend/colleague/aunt they’ve ever had and give them nothing.

Cover every eventuality by stowing a pack or two of these cards in your desk drawer or handbag. With this mix of 5 different but equally pretty cards, you’re sorted in case of emergency. And spared the cost and time of a dash to the nearest supermarket to pick up the only card which doesn’t mention “love” anywhere on it. Because heaven knows you don’t “love” Andrea in Accounts. You like her, sure, but “love” seems a bit much.

Speaking of which, these cards are all left blank for your own message, so you can be as bland or inappropriate as you choose.

Pick up a pack here.