Giftast Bridal Book Club

Hi there, and welcome to Bridal Book Club!

My name is Katherine, and I run Giftast Wedding and Event Stationery.

What’s it all about then?

Giftast Bridal Book Club is a place where lovers of romance from anywhere in the world can get together and talk about the books they love. We can share recommendations, explore new angles to work we thought we knew. There will be watch-alongs of adaptations, and hopefully we can make some new friends! Whether you’re a big romance reader or you just fancy trying something new, everyone is welcome.

Book Club membership is absolutely free, and I have no intention of ever taking this to a paid platform. Being part of the group means you will receive special discount offers on wedding stationery and access to freebies such as printable bookmarks and colouring sheets. If you’re not planning a wedding, that’s fine too!

Why a Book Club?

I’ve started this book club for a couple of reasons  –

Firstly, I want to read more.

I also wanted to meet new people with similar interests – and if there’s one thing I’m interested in, it’s romance books!

Next, I think reading is really important as a stress relief. As wedding stationery is currently the main of what I do, I know how stressful wedding planning can be, and I wanted to offer an outlet for people who are planning their big day. A community where they can hang out with people who understand exactly what they’re going through and also just have a break. Reading is scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health, and we could all probably do with being a bit healthier!

All that said, anybody who wants to read a bit more romance is very welcome to join.

So where do we start?

January 2019 – Persuasion, by Jane Austen

The idea for a book club came in part from watching the movie Austenland for the first time. I’ve been a massive fan of Austen for years, and watching the film made me really wish I had some sort of community who I could talk to (read: gush!) about the books and adaptations. 

Austen is the queen of modern romance, and Pride & Prejudice in particular is the template for many modern romance novels.

I decided to start off with the big 6 Austens, because they’re probably the most accessible in terms of media. They’re also out of copyright so you can easily get hold of them for free. I’ll be including links to these in blog posts ahead of each month, as well as a schedule of things like watch-alongs which we’ll be holding.

Whether you’re a big Austen fan who fancies a re-read, or you’ve never read her before but want to see what all the fuss is about, I’m really happy you’re here!

How Do I Get Involved?

I was hoping you’d ask! The main base will be the Giftast Bridal Book Club Facebook Group, and links to blog posts and everything else will be posted there. There’ll also be Twitter Chat – follow @giftast for hashtags and chat during watch-alongs. Please do also invite any friends you think would like to join! I’m so excited about getting started!  Thank you for joining us:)

Book Club Schedule

Jane Austen Quote - "I declare after all ther is no enjoyment like reading."