5 Top Tips To Deal With Wedding Planning Overwhelm

Welcome to the World of Wedding Planning Stress…

You’re engaged. Congratulations! You’re on top of the world, dreaming of your big day, and the happiness of spending the rest of your life with the one you love more than anyone else.

But then… after a few days/weeks/years of basking in the glow of your own future happiness, you realise that if you want to actually get married, you’ll need to start planning. And boy, is there a lot to do.

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, and at many different stages in the process. Beat back overwhelm and streamline your wedding planning experience with my 5 top tips to beat wedding planning stress.

Image showing 4 wedding planning worksheets

Tip 1: Figure out what’s important to you and your partner

This worksheet is a really great way to get all your ideas in one place, so you can really easily streamline your planning process, and not waste time on things that neither you nor your partner really want. 

I’d recommend you and your partner work together on this. If you can, sit down together for an hour or so with a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a bottle of gin, and work through the sheet together. At this early stage, anything is possible, and there are no bad ideas.

Work through each of the headings to really get you thinking about aspects of your relationship that you’d like to showcase, and what neither of you are really bothered about. 

Whatever you decide, the worksheet will help guide you towards finding the style which best suits you both. It can also help make the decisions on where you’re best putting your budget to help get the wedding of your dreams.

To download the worksheet, click on this link and print off a copy.

For more information and ideas on how to work through the headings, check out How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding on Amazon.

Tip 2: Make a big list

Yeah. Sounds obvious. But have you done it? Have you got everything – and I mean everything written down and all in one place for easy access?

You’ve probably started making lists already. You can’t sleep because of things popping into your head. Get it out of your brain and down onto your notebook app, some scrap paper, or in your gorgeous, shiny and new wedding notebook. I like a spreadsheet for some tasks, (hello, making my Christmas Shopping List), or I use Google Docs when I want to add things in to various categories.

What you want is a master list of everything that needs doing. 

Honestly, I think this is the hardest bit of wedding planning. You’re doing a lot of thinking all in one go. What this means is, when you do get some free time to do some wedding admin, you don’t have to waste time/get put off by spending 10 minutes deciding what to do. Think how much time that will save you over the course of your entire wedding planning journey! Time you can spend feeling smug and eating chocolate, if you like. (I like). 

Starting is always the hardest part, so check out my free printable starter list for ideas.

How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Book shown on iPhone screen

Tip 3: Concentrate on smaller tasks

Have a good think about every little job which makes up all your big jobs. Think about what you’d be likely to achieve in, say, 15 or 30 minutes. Having bite-size jobs makes it easier to complete – you’re more likely to find 15 minutes than an hour, and can slot your tasks in throughout the day.

If you’ve got over 100 wedding favours to tie up in little organza baggies, you’re not going to feel like doing all 100 straight after a long shift at work. But if you’re only going to take 15 minutes to make a start on it, then that’s a lot easier to do. Big tasks are easier if you chip away at them, then before you know it – Boom! All organza baggies filled, tied, and looking gorgeous. You get the warm feeling of getting things done without the stress of having to find hours or days to devote to Wedding Planning. Which brings us to…

Tip 4: Cross things off your list

Once a task is completed, just cross it off. I score through with a line so I can still read it, but that’s because I like to be able to look back and see the things I’ve done. It’s really useful if you need to remember when you spoke to a supplier, or paid a deposit.

Don’t forget to add in things you did that weren’t on your list – and immediately cross them off!

Sounds dumb – yes. Is dumb? A bit. But trust me, and try it. That little rush of endorphins you get when you do it will help Wedding Planning stress disappear.

Tip 5: Listen to the experts

Whether you’re getting married for the first or the fifth time, that ain’t a lot of wedding you’ve planned. Use the knowledge and expertise of your wedding suppliers and don’t be afraid to pick their brains for advice! Wedding suppliers have so much experience, and they love to share that with you, to help you get the most out of your big day.

Doing it all yourself? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I had the pleasure of interviewing some of my favourite wedding suppliers, from cake artists to photographers, and asked them for their top tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding, stress free. Head on over to Amazon or Etsy to download or order a copy of How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding: A Stress Free Guide to Designing Your Big Day to get hold of their advice. 

There we have it – hopefully these tips will help make planning your big day a more stress-free experience. If you’ve started your planning and are ready to move on to wedding stationery, check out my store!