What do I need to include on an RSVP?

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Ah, the age old question – “What do I need to include on an RSVP? And do I really need one? I mean, do I really? Who even posts letters any more?”

It’s easy to think of wedding stationery as a suite of things you *absolutely have to have*. But as we’ve already covered here, the most important thing is to find what suits your plans, and go with that. 

So, if you’ve decided an RSVP fits the bill for you, here are some thoughts on what to include on it.

Guest Names

You can include a space for your guests to write their names, their plus ones, their kids…. You may also want to include a space for number of guests, which could be helpful when pulling together your seating plan!

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This can be a general yay/nay depending on which portion of the day you’ve sent the guest an invitation to. Or, get specific with a day/evening tick box.

Special Dietary Requirements

Super helpful! Avoid any nasty allergies ruining your guest’s day, and get this information right at the start of your menu-planning process.

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Optional extras…

  • Song Choice – to get your guests dancing at the reception!
  • Meal Choice – handy if you’ve sent out menu options with your invitation.
  • Accommodation required?
  • Advice for the happy couple.

Remember, it’s your special ceremony so add a request for any information which will make your planning easier and less stressful!


What next?

If you’d like to chat about your wedding stationery options, you can contact me here, email me on info(at)giftast.com to arrange a free consultation call. 

Looking for something extra special?

Check out our Bespoke Design page for more information on how I can help you realise your wedding-stationery dreams!

what do I need to include on an rsvp